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Meet Dock & Mayla

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LGLC Brand Ambassador Labradors Dock and Mayla were born in Burlington WI. Mayla came to live with her family first, as there was a fear of “big dogs”. Mayla and Dock cried for each other every night and Mayla was so sad. A few months later, her best friend and brother came to live in her house.  Mayla and Dock were so happy to see each other, but every time they ran outside, Dock would roll Mayla in the grass and mud. They would come into the house and make a mess everywhere! Dock and Mayla knew their family wasn’t happy with this so the dogs hatched a plan. They pulled up their dads laptop and searched cleaners for sale and to their delight there was one available in Lake Geneva!  They left the laptop open for their dad to see and went outside to get dirty again to further the point that everything gets filthy because of them and something would need to be done. Their dad sat down and saw the computer and said, "everyone let's


get on the boat”! The dogs were so proud when they walked up to the cleaners for they knew their plan had worked on their dad! Dock and Mayla went to the cleaners and never disappointed their family again with their muddy paws on the blankets and dog beds because they now had a place to take all of their mess to get clean. Dock and Mayla now spend their days feeling spiffy while cruising the lake in clean dog outfits and blankets.

Dock and Mayla sincerely hope that your fur babies feel the same about being clean and encourage

you to bring in all of their loving messes to be cleaned at LGLC.



We know you love your furry friends as much as we do! Send us a picture and we'll post it on our website.

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